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Family Portraiture

Family portraits help remember the “times of your life” and provide you and your family lasting memories and
enjoyment...for generations!

"The secret to great people photography is being able to take regular people not used to being in front of the camera, and making them feel relaxed and comfortable, and using skillful posing to help them look natural and real"

My portrait style looks easy and natural because that's the way I like my portraits to look but, believe me, it's nothing you would have "done on your own". If you could, why hire a professional? What I do to pose people so they look good, relaxed, and then to elicit the proper expression, requires a learned and developed skill and practiced experience.

TIP: I've listened to unsatisfied clients of other photographers who just snapped "candid" and "photojournalists" photos. While this "style" may have it's place in event coverage, it really has no place in family portrait photography as some would have you believe... unless it's free! :) Creating a photograph is far different than just shooting and recording what's in front of your camera.

The goal of my portrait sessions (the goal of any family portrait session) is to create a single image worthy of enlarging to the largest print sizes and to be displayed prominently for all to enjoy. Of course, I create so many more images you'll love, it's usually hard to choose! :)

TIP: Slide-shows set to music (advertising photographers on many websites) look neat, they don't represent the actual product you are buying... even the most mediocre images look like something when set to music! Remember, you're buying individual prints for display, not computer shows.

I start the session by setting everyone up into a comfortable seated pose.... everyone looks good seated! We'll do a couple of variations to the set-up until I feel I've gotten everyone "right". I'll also do some "never fail" poses and follow that with more "adventurous" standing poses and some "interactive" posing/shots to get a more candid look. Because I work fast and efficiently (I know what I'm doing... I'm a professional :), you won't have much time to get bored, it'll be fun, and you'll get quite a lot of variety in a shorter amount of time than you would expect.

I primarily use scenic outdoor locations though, I can also do indoor locations using my studio portrait lighting for additional cost. Sessions are usually 20-40 minutes with approximately 2-4 set-ups but, sometimes longer and with more set-ups depending upon your group and what's appropriate. Outdoor portrait session times are dictated primarily by the specific location for the best natural light. For most locations that my clients select and in the Honolulu area, that usually means the late afternoon about an hour before sunset.

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Hi Charles,
Congratulations, you have succeeded in taking pictures that I actually not only like, but love! We enjoyed meeting you and our session with you was fun; you have an incredible gift of making people relax and enjoy the moment - it obviously makes for awesome photos.  Thanks so much.
Mahalo, Marcia & Mark


 Thank you for the great pictures! My entire family is thrilled (grandparents especially). We intend to refer you to all of our friends. We also look forward to requesting your expertise on future Hawaiian trips.


I've already sent it to our family & friends because we need help choosing the one to enlarge - there are so many great shots!! It is taking us longer then we thought it would to decide; but we are going to order.

Hi Charles,
We're still trying to decide; I'm not sure our family & friends are much help - they all like different ones the best!  Which says a lot for your great photography!

Hi Charles,
The pictures are gorgeous - even better than I imagined they would be!  We have noticed lots of the details you worked on.  Mark's hair looks great and I noticed that the cross on my necklace in hanging straight now!!  We really love our new and improved images!!!!  The pictures were taken on my 57th birthday and I have to say that when I look at these pictures, I don't say how old I look!!  Thank you so much for making the photo shoot a fun experience and for your patience while I took forever to choose proofs.  Our family photo wall is now complete!  


Greetings Charles!
I just love our pictures. I am so pleased with the large print. I can't wait to get
it framed and on display. I am thinking of maybe getting my mom a 16x20 for Christmas. Just let me know! Thanks again for the wonderful pictures!


Hi Charles, just wanted to let you know we received our pictures and thought you did a great job!!! We are very pleased with them!
Thanks, Emily


Photos just arrived. Very pleased! They turned out wonderful.
Thanks, Candice Rogers


Aloha Charles!
I just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful pictures that you have taken of the Doty family. Thanks for sending the link to our photos - they look great!
Mahalo Charles for everything!
Tammy Doty


Hi Charles,
It was great to meet you on Friday - thanks for making our portrait session so
relaxed and fun! We're back home in California and eager to see the photos
whenever they are ready. Will you let me know when they're online?
Many thanks,
Mary Christian


Thanks for some wonderful shots of the family! We're excited to hang them in our home.
Christine Hill


Thank you very much. They look wonderful. Thank you for doing an awesome job with the photographs.


Hi! Our Hawaiian vacation is long over, but we still have great memories...and great pictures, thanks to you!
Thanks, Cindi and Martin


We got the prints. Looks awesome. We are working on framing them both and putting them in our new house (to be done in Aug 06). Thanks for being part of our family and our memories. Thank you and God’s blessing upon you and your business. As He / God is honored, so He / God honors those who honor Him.
Pastor Jon


I wanted to take a moment to formally thank you again for the pictures and your excellent work! I can honestly say they far exceeded any expectations I ever had.  You took a very non photogenic couple and somehow made us photogenic, before any touchups.  I consider it just short of a miracle!
Our wedding pictures from 25 years ago were so disappointing.  They were very expensive but, not very good.  I have kept our wedding album boxed up most of our married life.  The pictures you took are so romantic, capture the essence of our 25 years of marriage, love, and commitment to each other, and in some way make up for our disappointing wedding pictures.
Not only is your photography superb you have been a joy to work with.  I look forward to being able to refer someone else to you as well as personally seeing you when we can return to Hawaii someday!
May God Richly Bless You, Debbie & Dennis


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Premier Hawaii photographer and Hawaii wedding photographer and Hawaiian photographers including models, commercial, portrait, products, and events in Honolulu on Oahu Hawaii.