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How we shoot: All of our photography is performed using professional digital cameras. For the technically minded, Charles uses Canon digital cameras and our associates use either Canon or Nikon cameras.

Why we do it better: Many photographers capture their images as JPEG files which is the same file format as your own consumer camera. It's easier, makes smaller files, and enables almost immediate delivery of photos to clients (a major selling point for some). Shooting in JPEG is easier because, the actual "processing" is done by the camera though, as with anything "automatic", the results are rarely as perfect as they could be (as you may have experienced from you own digital camera). To be fair, under consistent lighting conditions (like in a photo studio), you could get a great image by shooting JPEG but, weddings rarely offer consistent lighting conditions. And the ability to get decent images by shooting JPEG has less to do with the ability of the photograph and more with the variety of conditions which can be controlled.

We don't shoot JPEG because, you're paying us for the best! Consequently, we manually adjusts each individual RAW image for maximum color, exposure, saturation, color balance, tone, and contrast before we convert them to JPEG files you can use. This takes special software and a tremendous amount of manual manipulation and computer processing time, at least 4-5 times or more as much as shooting JPEG. We shoot RAW simply as a matter of pride because, we only want to create the absolute best and that's what you deserve. Why do it any other way? Don't believe us? Read what others say. Click Here

For the technically minded, we shoot RAW for 18-24 mb TIFF files. We sharpen and do a few enhancements creating files up to 100mb or larger. For easy accessibility and printing, files are converted to 3-8 mb JPEG files. Prints up to 24x36 and larger are possible from these files using the properly equipped professional.

OK. That's the technical stuff and if you don't notice the difference in our photos from other photographers, than maybe all that stuff doesn't matter (FYI: we don't fix-up photos just to look good on the website, these are all actual images given to clients albeit way smaller in size). Understanding the technical aspects is part of being a professional at what you do. We do it better simply because, we done thousands of weddings and have had 23 years of wedding experience and artistic creativity in satisfying clients and knowing what people want and what lasts the test of time!

Why Digital: Forget film! You'll get more shots from a digital coverage than from a film coverage of the same price. Quality is superior to 35mm film and is better than Medium Format film (by using the high-end cameras we use). You'll have more uses from digital i.e. computer, CD, DVD presentations and shows, email, ready for retouching, color and b&w images, making your own re-prints, and it looks as good as and we believe much better than film to the largest print sizes.

Images on CD/DVD disk: Unlike many photographers who will never give you originals or will make you wait 2-3 years after you have spent thousands of dollars on reprints and additional orders, we give you the opportunity to own your originals immediately. Our Full Size Image CD contains full size JPEG files of all your wedding images which will allow you to make photo quality enlargements from most locations at least up to 11x14 and up to 24x36 or larger from a properly equipped professional photo lab.

Conversion from Color to B&W: We can convert all of your digital images using our special software conversion routine which makes it indistinguishable from images shot on b&w film. This is different from just taking out the color.

Finished Image: We're not going to just give you a disk of images "as shot". We go through the additional, time-consuming extra steps, of color correcting, retouching, and enhancing all of your image files for the best presentation no matter what media you select.

Reprints from digital: You can make re-prints from image on you CD/DVD disk almost anywhere. We of course recommend using a professional lab though you can have prints made quite inexpensively from most consumer photo labs like Costco, Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, etc.

Classic Portrait/Dramatic Lighting: Most weddings occur at times and locations (both outdoors and indoors) that require supplementary lighting that looks more natural and more flattering than natural light of the time or standard on-camera flash. Consequently, while we of course always try to use available light, when it's not perfect (when is it ever?), we create the light rather than rely upon less than agreeable natural light. It's a technical skill and it makes for better images. Why do you think, modeling shoots and Hollywood movies all use lights? We may or may not recommend this depending upon the specifics of your event and the kind of imagery you desire.

When do you get your photos: Generally, we can get images processed and photos ready within 2-6 weeks after the wedding and depending upon the time of year. Albums take anywhere from 2 to 6 months depending upon the complexity of the design though, it's usually pretty fast.

Albums: We use what we consider, one of the top wedding album manufacturer available to professional photographers. Library book bound with thick album pages for lifelong durability, your album will feel and look as much, the treasured family heirloom it will become! Of special significance, is the fact that the center-cut between facing album pages is among the thinnest available for albums, not only minimizing the unsightly larger, black gaps of other albums but, also making for beautiful panoramic pages which will not crack or tear as happens with full page panoramics after just a few viewing. Add lacquer sprayed prints and a fine leather cover, and you really have something you will be proud to share with family and friends. Of course, it has to also be filled with beautiful imagery!

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Premier Hawaii photographer and Hawaii wedding photographer and Hawaiian photographers including models, commercial, portrait, products, and events in Honolulu on Oahu Hawaii.