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About Wedding Photography

From Kauai to the Big Island and every island in between, Charles has created outstanding wedding photography for his clients!

Charles photographs the unfolding events of your wedding day with his unique wedding portrait style and skilled photographic technique. He understands that your wedding imagery should be contemporary in style but yet, also should include the classic wedding photography which has lasted the test of time. And unlike many "new" photographers nowadays, Charles doesn't just walk around snapping photos that look like someone literally, just walked around snapping photos.

He has a natural and easy manner which helps everyone feel at ease and relaxed in front of the camera to express their true emotion of the day.
Charles creates a comfortable and natural look by using what he calls "interactive posing". His ability to provide this unique combination of working styles into one wedding coverage, provides you a greater variety of imagery that you can actually use!

Virtually unique among today's wedding photographers, Charles employs what he describes as "Portrait/Dramatic Lighting" to complement the natural light and/or to create his own "light" when the natural light just isn't available, as is often the case with weddings.

What this all means is simply, Charles style of coverage combined with his experience and technical skill, allow him to consistently create memorable wedding day imagery, wedding after wedding, and most importantly... for your wedding!

For 24 years, Charles has satisfied his clients desires and expectation to have high quality, timeless, beautiful, unforgettable wedding imagery. He will do the same for your wedding!

Does all the photography you see nowadays look the same i.e. pretty pictures of flowers, chairs, tabletops, decorations, shoes, blurry candid shots, etc? That's because, nowadays, everyone is a "professional" wedding photographer. And really, why not if all you have to do is walk around snapping photos!

True wedding photography, useful and meaniful imagery that lasts a lifetime, involves so much more in terms of thought, technical knowledge, and skillful execution.

Please do not confuse what I do with all the websites of part-timers, husband and wife teams, models, assistants, former musicians, DJ's, limo divers, etc., some of whom charge ridiculously high prices, who bought a digital camera and decided to give wedding photography a try.

I use traditional, fine wedding portraiture techniques, combined with a contemporary photo-journalism style, to create the greatest variety of wedding imagery available, imagery that you can actually use as it was intended to be used and not just for website slide-shows set for music!

There is no substitute for experience, knowlege, technical skill, and a record of producing consistent imagery, wedding after wedding, for hundreds of happy clients. If you expect more from your wedding imagery than the same snapshots you see everywhere else, I'd be happy to help you.

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Premier Hawaii photographer and Hawaii wedding photographer and Hawaiian photographers including models, commercial, portrait, products, and events in Honolulu on Oahu Hawaii.